With Kettle of Fish films you get something different. New perspectives on common themes. A different angle. A new way in. A more challenging approach that unlocks unexpected aspects of a story, uncovers new narratives and finds deeper resonance. We freshen up the familiar. We make new or complicated issues easy to understand. Much more than filmmakers, we are knowledgemakers and conversationmakers.

We are an enterprise with a broad audience base giving viewers an insight and understanding about real issues affecting their lives and the lives of those around them. Kettle of Fish CIC aims to empower people and communities to focus on social and educational issues, to challenge perceptions, to encourage them to understand social justice and reconciliation by using the medium of digital media.

Together, through Kettle of Fish CIC, the board of directors aspires to create and produce credible, thought provoking and meaningful feature documentaries. They do this by focusing on social and community engagement issues making documentaries that go to the heart of serious social matters. They are passionate about using this media to facilitate a process of education and awareness. Through their work they create opportunities to break down barriers and support reflection in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and past experiences of all involved.