During the Learning For Living Together project, there were several opportunities for the partners to discuss the specific experiences of each country involved.  Train the trainer sessions were held in all countries to promote activities aimed at fostering integration of migrants. In particular, communication and dissemination activities were carried out through:

  1. Transnational meetings
  2. Train the trainer events
  3. Dissemination events
  4. Press releases

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Transnational meetings

This section contains information on the 6 transnational project meetings held during the project lifecycle.

Meeting 1 Newry, United Kingdom 9th-10th November, 2017

The kick off meeting saw partners discussing project management aspects, all the project intellectual outputs and planning activities for the successive six-month period.

Meeting 2 Riga, Latvia 1st -2nd March, 2018

This meeting saw partners discussing the state of the art of filming activities with migrants in partner countries and also the presentation of the structure of the training course on social inclusion and diversity to be developed.

Meeting 3 Avellino, Italy 26th -27th September, 2018

During this meeting partners discussed the progress of development of the training modules and also the filming of good practices in partner countries. The project website was also reviewed and forums proposed for train the trainer participants.

Meeting 4 Stockholm, Sweden 11th-12th March, 2019

This meeting was a key moment to review the state of the art of training and piloting activities in each partner country. Dissemination activities were planned to further diffuse information on project activities.

Meeting 5 Dundalk, Ireland 16th-17th May, 2019

At this meeting, partners presented the results of the various dissemination events held in their respective countries and the follow up activities they were implementing.

Meeting 6 Belfast, United Kingdom 29th-30th August 2019

During the final meeting partners evaluated how to further sustain project activities after project end. They are all keen to continue the LLT project activities in some way and intend to continue working together


Train the trainer events

This section contains some photos of the train the trainer event

Train the trainer - Newry Campus, Northern Ireland
26th – 30th November 2018

23 people participated in first taking part in the Social Inclusion and Diversity course and then in the Train-the-Trainer course to gain the tools to deliver the course in their own countries.


Dissemination events

This section contains information on the dissemination events held in each partner country.

United Kingdom

SRC held 2 Dissemination Events and 64 people attended.
All participants rated the events very highly and commented on the lack of availability of quality, free resources. The course developed was rated very highly as was the impact of the films contained therein


DkIT held four Dissemination Events with 290 people attending.
The outcome was a huge demand for all or part of the training course to be delivered in schools, community groups, to the local Council staff, to business groups and within DKIT itself. Thus, it is supporting staff and volunteers from Dundalk Migrant Centre and Culture Connect to train to deliver the course.


CONFORM held their Multiplier Event in Benevento, which was heavily featured in the Italian film studies to highlight the good practice in integration.
The many participants in the event considered the project activities and outputs to be of high quality and very useful.


MA held an event in Linköping that 205 people attended. Since then, it has published articles about the project and widely promoted the resources to all schools in the Municipality.


RIC held 3 events across Riga to disseminate the project results. 73 people attended. Participants were inspired by the holistic approach of the resources to address the complexity and challenges of integration and migration and felt an advantage was the possibility to use the entire course or just sections of it as required.


Press releases

This section contains some press coverage given to project activities.

Sweden - Municipality magazine

Article in municipality magazine (Sweden) about the project and the meeting published in May 2019 and distributed to 5,000 people

Ireland - Argus newspaper

Here you can see some press coverage on DkIT piloting activities published on December 18th, 2018 in the Argus newspaper which is distributed in the Dundalk region.