The Section of Resource and support, Department of Education in the municipality of Linköping, works among other things with issues concerning adult learning, parenting and active citizenship for native Swedes and immigrants. The section provide courses with a wide range of content and also practical activities for the target group. The courses are evidence based and well known in the area of social learning theory.

Adjunkten, which is a part of The Section of Resource and support, has 27 employees. We are all trained in our fields and have extensive experience working with newly arrived children and adults. Working with us we have: an operations’ manager, development managers for both pre- and primary school, a reception manager, a reception nurse, coordinators for school and civic introduction, coordinators for integration, language coordinators, educators with focus on IT, a receiving host, “bridge builders” (who work to strengthen the inclusion of Roma and travelers in the Swedish society) and an administrator.

We register all newly arrived pupils in Linköping Municipality in the school system and conduct a survey of their educational capacities as well as health. Children in the ages of pre-school/kindergarten are placed directly in the schools and pupils through the ages of 6-16 years are placed in groups according to their age at the Adjunkten. The pupils attend classes and activities that introduce them into the Swedish language, society and School. They are surveyed based on statutorily material (language/knowledge, literacy and numeracy. The numbers of pupils have so far varied between 25 and 120, at a time. The pupils are here for 2-8 weeks. During the two to eight weeks that the pupil are with us, we work very closely with the parents/legal guardians, we also arrange meetings and courses to enable early integration.