NGO “Radošās iniciatīvas centrs” (RIC, in English – Creative Initiative Center) was founded in the year 2007 with the mission of encouraging people to express their creativity and to give them motivation and aims of personal growth by developing their creative initiative. RIC was set with the aim of promoting social integration and personal development. RIC also helps to improve the standards and quality of life within the local community. Presently RIC is an NGO with charity status working in the fields of charity, development of civic society, welfare and education and disadvantaged communities. RIC pro actively works with social risk target groups including the migrant community and for the last several years, their activities has been concentrated on educational activities for low-income families, families at risk including the migrant community.

RIC has been active in the field of adult education (and training of adult educators) since its foundation in 2007. RIC offers multilingual education to the target group, so participants of different ethnical background are being involved in groups. During the educational process the language barrier disappears, as artistic expression is becoming the primary language in joint creative activities. Creativity in our case is a powerful tool for successful integration of individuals.

The organisation has been active in the field of social inclusion and integration. It provides a variety of activities for a diverse range of target groups – families at risk, youth, people with disabilities – employing creative methods. The activities aim at strengthening self-awareness and self-reliance of individuals, as well as providing them with practical skills that foster their employability. RIC has also been educating social workers on use of art therapy methods for empowering individuals.